About the Interdepartmental Health Equity Collaborative (IHEC)

The Interdepartmental Health Equity Collaborative (IHEC) fosters a community of stakeholders engaged in addressing health disparities and social determinants of health by building capacity for equitable policies, programs, and practices, promoting strategic partnerships, and sharing relevant models for action.

This work supports the mission of the HHS Office of Minority Health (OMH), which leads the work of the IHEC. The IHEC includes representatives from federal agencies whose missions, priorities, programs, and practices impact the social determinants of health. There are two workgroups within IHEC, the Data Workgroup and the Community Health Workers Workgroup and strategic attention to COVID-19.

The IHEC is led by two co-chairs, one is from a federal partner agency and one is from OMH. As the lead agency for the IHEC, OMH is responsible for providing vision and identifying priority areas to drive and focus the activities of the IHEC. OMH may also advise the IHEC on approaches for implementing identified key priority actions, and on implementation plans for key priority actions.

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