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Office of Minority Health Resource Center National African Immigrant Project Awards

Many immigrant clients are new to the American health care system and their understanding of health care options is usually limited to either acute or chronic needs.

The goal of the National African Immigrant Project is to work with organizations targeting African immigrants that are impacted and/or infected with HIV/AIDS/STD. Office of Minority Health Resource Center's (OMHRC) approach to working with these organizations is three-fold. OMHRC will seek to positively influence their leadership capacities, improve their organizational infrastructure and programs, and give them resource tools to assist in the coordination and collaboration in the provision of services to African immigrant communities.

The 2012-2013 grant solicitation invited African-serving organizations to produce a culturally sensitive approach to addressing and educating African communities about HIV/AIDS/STD information.
The three objectives of the award are to:

  1. Enhance or support HIV/AIDS/STD/ awareness and testing in the community,
  2. Provide funding for HIV/AIDS/STD/ related activities,
  3. Expand the HIV/AIDS infrastructure and network for all African serving CBOs through collaborative and transparent partnerships.
Collaborations are asked to include examples of the strategies used to sustain efforts and services in the reduction of Stigma and illuminate African support of community health within immigrant communities of the United States.

The following organizations were selected as 2012-2013 NAIP grantees.

Musungu HIV/AIDS Support Organization

The Musungu HIV/AIDS Support Organization Exit Disclaimer is a community-based organization with local and international operations. The organization works in partnership with the Utah African immigrant community and stakeholders to assess, plan, and implement effective public health strategies to reduce the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Approximately 500 African families are served through the organization.

The award will be used to support the development of the "ABC- Protect Your Future" HIV/AIDS peer educators program.

Award Amount: $5,000
Award Term: June 1, 2012-June 1, 2013
Award Location: Salt Lake City, UT

African Family Health Organization

African Family Health Organization (AFAHO) Exit Disclaimer works tirelessly to mitigate barriers to healthcare access, ensuring vulnerable and marginalized clients receive needed care. Linguistic and cultural difficulties are the primary barriers to accessing health and social services faced by this population. AFAHO serves as the bridge between clients and the wider provider community, assisting providers to understand the cultural complexities of their African and Caribbean patients and facilitating comprehension through language interpretation services.

The award will assist AFAHO in developing leadership forums where different community leaders representing the diverse African immigrant/refugee population in greater Philadelphia will discuss the HIV/AIDS epidemic and jointly develop a road map on best practices for reaching their prospective communities.

Award Amount: $5,000
Award Term: June 1, 2012-June 1, 2013
Award Location: Philadelphia, PA

Sauti Yetu (meaning Our Voices in Swahili)

Sauti Yetu Exit Disclaimer is an advocacy organization, seeking to empower women to exercise, advocate and protect their rights. Sauti Yetu uses diverse strategies to improve the health and social well-being of women, children and families in New York City and nationally. Through the African Girls Empowerment Project , National African Women's Network and Women's Learning Network clients' issues are specifically addressed.

The award will be used to enhance existing current youth-led reproductive and sexual health projects by adding a more specific HIV/AIDS and STI program for African youth.

Award Amount: $5,000 Award Term: June 1, 2012-June 1, 2013 Award Location: New York, NY

Colorado African Organization

The Colorado African Organization Exit Disclaimer is a nonprofit founded by Africans to help other Africans transition smoothly into the state. Having experienced firsthand how difficult it was to uproot their entire lives and adapt to a different country, culture, and language, the first members of CAO set out to create an organization that wouldn't just help others to resettle, but thrive in their new lives as Coloradans.

The NAIP award will enable CAO to further its health education goals, which include: increase knowledge of HIV risk and prevention factors, access to testing and treatment and dispel community-held beliefs regarding HIV diagnosis and treatment and to increase access to HIV/AIDS education and prevention materials to promote access to resources and increase community action for greater awareness in order to decrease new infections in the African communities in Colorado.

Award Amount: $5,000
Award Term: June 1, 2012-June 1, 2013
Award Location: Denver, CO

African Services Committee

African Services Committee Exit Disclaimer is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and self-sufficiency of the African community in New York City and beyond.

African Services Committee programs address the needs of newcomers affected by war, persecution, poverty, and global health inequalities by providing health, housing, legal, educational, and social services to 10,000 people each year. Staff representing more than 20 countries and speaking over 25 languages provide culturally and linguistically relevant support to this diverse and growing community. Expanding HIV prevention and access to AIDS treatment and care is the organization's mission. African Services Committee is committed to challenging stigma and discrimination at all levels and supporting individuals, families and communities most impacted by AIDS. Combined with life-saving treatment, this care and support has transformed thousands of lives. The award will be used to produce and widely distribute a virtual tour HIV prevention video directed toward the African community, which will increase utilization of ASC testing centers in 2012-2013

Award Amount: $5,000
Award Term: June 1, 2012-June 1, 2013
Award Location: New York, NY

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