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Baby Buggy Walk in the Park – Sample Press Release

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Baby Buggy Walk in the Park for Infant Mortality Awareness

On September 13, in recognition of Infant Mortality Awareness Month and the important role of parents and others in promoting healthier birth outcomes in minority communities, [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] will host the city's second annual Baby Buggy Walk in the Park, a health festival and 1.5-mile fitness walk at [EVENT LOCATION]. This free family event will take place [TIME], and provide an opportunity for families to come together for exercise and fun activities, to receive valuable health information and screenings and to enjoy a fun day in the park.

While the infant mortality rate is declining overall across the nation and in [YOUR STATE—IF APPLICABLE], rates still remain high in [YOUR CITY], particularly among African American residents. In 2011, black infants in [YOUR CITY] had a mortality rate of [NUMER] deaths per 1,000 live births – more than the national average for all races.


"Our goal is to spread the word that planning for a healthy baby begins long before a mother sees her baby's face for the very first time," said [NAME AND TITLE]. "Continuous prenatal care, healthy eating, physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, and family and community support are all crucial to ensuring that our youngest and most vulnerable have the best start in life." The [YOUR CITY] event is one of 18 Baby Buggy Walk in the Park festivals happening in other cities across the nation in this fall, calling attention to the link between healthy lifestyles, healthy families and healthy babies.

The Baby Buggy Walk in the Park was launched in Baltimore in 2012 as a pilot project and became one of Baltimore Healthy Start's signature Infant Mortality Awareness Month activities. Last year, over 300 adults and children attended the Baltimore event, with more than 20 participating partners providing a range of health and family activities. This year, the National Healthy Start Association, with support from partners from around the country – including the U.S. Office of Minority Health Resource Center – engaged Healthy Start project across the country to help make the Baby Buggy Walk in the Park a national event, with major cities across thirteen states launching their own Baby Buggy Walk in the Park family festivals.

For more information about the Baby Buggy Walk it the Park and for a list of other participating cities, visit [WEBSITE.]

9/9/2014 4:49:00 PM