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Baby Buggy Walk in the Park – Sample Budget

Your budget won't look exactly like this – it will vary depending on your location, agenda, the activities you are planning and other factors. But it is important to create your budget at the same time you create an event plan and update it regularly.
Item Cost
Park reservation fee $105
Port-o-Potties $430
Tents $500
Signage (printing costs) $350
Goodie bag items $250
Podium and mic $80
Bus transportation for participants $800
Boxed lunches for 100 $1,200
Bottled water $200
Serving supplies $40
Walkie talkies $40
Prizes $250
Arts and crafts supplies $200
Supplies for Children's and Family Activities $490
Incidentals $230
Event Supplies $125
Helium tank $50
Stickers and wristbands for volunteer ID and participant ID $50
Subtotal $5,190
Less In-Kind donations -$850
Less OMHRC award -$2,500
Total $1,840
12/6/2017 3:57:00 PM