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New Mexico Department of Health - State Partnership Program

Grantee Information

New Mexico Department of Health
1190 S. St. Francis Drive, Ste. N4100, Santa Fe, NM 87502
(505) 827-2056 (Phone)
(505) 827-2942 (Fax)

The Office of Health Equity within the New Mexico Department of Health is responsible for addressing health disparities across minority populations. It supports programs that raise awareness, mobilize communities, increase the capacity of community-based organizations and deliver culturally and linguistically appropriate care to the target populations.

Grant Project Information

FY10 State Partnership Grant Program to Improve Minority Health
Paul Romero
(505) 827-2056


This State Partnership project focuses on improving health data reporting and dissemination, as well as technical assistance and training on culturally competent care designed to improve minority health and eliminate health disparities afflicting minority populations in New Mexico. One example is the high rate of elderly Hispanics who've never received the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine. To address these issues, this project will improve planning, coordination and partnerships among public and private entities, advocate for improving minority health data, increase awareness about minority health and improve the capacity of health care providers to provide culturally competent care for non-English speakers. The expected outcomes include increasing the number of indicators in New Mexico's Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Report Card and decreasing the number of Hispanics 65 and older who have never received the pneumonia vaccine. In order to determine if such outcomes are reached, the project will utilize data in the New Mexico's Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Report Card as the baseline against which progress toward eliminating health disparities between different population groups will be measured.

OMH objective(s) toward which the project's results most contribute:

  • Increased awareness, education, and outreach to address racial/ethnic minority health and health disparities problems
  • Improved access to, and appropriate utilization of, health and other community-based services and systems through user-centered design for racial/ethnic minorities (e.g., health IT, culturally/ linguistically appropriate services, service provider education/ training, workforce diversity)
  • Strengthened leadership and coordination to leverage resources and enhance effectiveness and efficiency of individual and collective efforts (including, but not limited to, research and data)

Key Healthy People 2010 objectives or subobjectives toward which your project's results most contribute (see Appendix 3 of OMH's Evaluation Planning Guidelines):

Healthy People objectives were not specifically identified.

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