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Indiana State Department of Health - State Partnership Program

Grantee Information

Indiana State Department of Health
2 No. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 233-3006 (Phone)
(317) 233-7943 (Fax)

The mission of the Indiana State Department of Health Office of Minority Health is to improve the health of all racial and ethnic populations in Indiana. It supports the development of health policies and programs that help to reduce minority health disparities.

Grant Project Information

Enhancing Minority Partnership Opportunities; Working to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Disparities (EMPOWERED) $140,000
Antoniette Holt
(317) 233-3006


The purpose of the EMPOWERED project is to implement specific strategies with the three objectives of improving representation of racial and ethnic minorities in the health workforce, improving access to quality health care and improving access to health data and research focused on eliminating health disparities. In Indiana, many racial and ethnic groups are more likely to suffer from chronic disease and poor health care. There is also an underrepresentation of ethnic minority students pursuing careers in the health field. To address these issues, the project will expose minorities in middle and high schools to health-related careers by providing enrichment activities and conduct cultural competency trainings and workshops, provide technical assistance to individuals, health care providers and individuals in the education fields. It will also recruit and collaborate with local, county and state partners to develop a regional strategy for developing more consistent health status data on racial and ethnic minority populations. Intended outcomes include increasing awareness among students about various health professions, increasing resources for providing cultural competency trainings and workshops, and increasing number of written reports with consistent minority health data. An evaluation will be conducted to determine the effectiveness of this project. Data will be collected through pre/post surveys with the students and training participants. The project will also document the number of partners, meetings, strategic plans and written reports developed as a result of this project.

OMH objective(s) toward which the project's results most contribute:

  • Increased awareness, education, and outreach to address racial/ethnic minority health and health disparities problems
  • Improved access to, and appropriate utilization of, health and other community-based services and systems through user-centered design for racial/ethnic minorities (e.g., health IT, culturally/ linguistically appropriate services, service provider education/ training, workforce diversity)
  • Strengthened leadership and coordination to leverage resources and enhance effectiveness and efficiency of individual and collective efforts (including, but not limited to, research and data)

Key Healthy People 2010 objectives or subobjectives toward which your project's results most contribute (see Appendix 3 of OMH's Evaluation Planning Guidelines):

Healthy People objectives were not specifically identified.

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