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National Umbrella Cooperative Agreement

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Diversity Films
14 Talmadge Lane
Stamford, CT 06905-2000
203-332-0344 (Phone)
203-332-0349 (Fax)

Diversity Films was established in 2003 with a mission to produce documentary films and educational videos about the people of color and the issues that affect them in the United States and abroad.

Grant Project Information

National Umbrella Cooperative Agreement
Claudia Pryor


Diversity Film's NUCA project addresses the underrepresentation of minorities in the scientific and biomedical fields by examining if science is portrayed and viewed as "white" by these populations, and how that perception influences the academic and career choices of minority students. Diversity Films will develop educational films with alternate constructions of the scientific fields to engage African American, Latino, Native American, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and Inuit/Eskimo students in the federal TRIO middle, high school and college student programs.

Diversity Films will conduct quantitative and qualitative research on the TRIO program in each of the five minority communities listed above, which will inform the making of an educational documentary. This project will include TRIO students as co-researchers and production assistants for the video, which will be distributed throughout the TRIO program's network. Intended outcomes of this project include an awareness and knowledge on the part of the participants about the cultural and social factor, which influence individual and communal identity and shape views about scientific fields, and a greater acceptance within the minority communities of members who enter scientific fields and the biomedical research workforce. In the long term, it will lead to an increased representation of minorities in scientific and biomedical fields. In order to determine if such outcomes are reached, data will be collected on a range of performance measures using pre and post surveys, including changes in participants' knowledge and awareness and the number of students choosing science as an academic major and/or career.


Increased awareness, education, and outreach to address racial/ethnic minority health and health disparities problems

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