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Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment - State Partnership Program

Grantee Information

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive S.
Denver, CO 80246
303-692-2329 (Phone)
303-691-7746 (Fax)

The Colorado Office of Health Disparities (OHD) serves in a coordinating, education and capacity building role for state and local public health programs and communities.

Grant Project Information

FY10 State Partnership Grant Program to Improve Minority Health
Mauricio Palacio


The purpose of this State Partnership project is to complete three cross-divisional strategic plans and a surveillance report on health disparities, increase plans to address health disparities, as well as improve the compliance with the department’s Communicating with People with Limited English Proficiency policy. In Colorado, minority populations, speak a language other than English at home, creating a language barrier between them and health care providers. Morbidity and mortality disparities borne by racial and ethnic minorities, present a challenging health dilemma that requires a coordinated state-level response.

This project focuses on increasing community involvement and community partnerships, addressing social determinants of health and conducting research on health disparities and policy, workforce diversity in health professions and health sustainability. The intended outcomes include increasing collection, dissemination and use of racial and ethnic data for planning, quality assurance and performance monitoring/improvement purposes, and increasing formal partnerships and collaborations to coordinating resources for greater efficiency among minority communities. In order to determine if the outcomes are reached, data will be collected on a range of performance measures, including the number of strategic plans developed, the number of reports disseminated, the number of indicators for which specific race and ethnic data is available and the number of partnerships established by sector and agency.


Strengthened leadership and coordination to leverage resources and enhance effectiveness and efficiency of individual and collective efforts (including, but not limited to, research and data)
1/30/2020 12:50:24 PM