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Alabama Department of Public Health - State Partnership Program

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Alabama Department of Public Health
334-206-5173 (Phone)
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201 Monroe St., Ste 710
Montgomery, AL 36104 Exit Disclaimer

The Alabama Office of Minority Health was created to address health disparities in the minority communities of Alabama. The office enhances public awareness of the health care needs of minority populations, disseminates disease prevention and health promotion information, promotes minority presence and forms partnerships with minority community groups and organizations.

Grant Project Information

FY10 State Partnership Grant Program to Improve Minority Health
Jessica Hardy


The State Partnership project seeks to expand the knowledge and awareness of the health disparities afflicting the minority populations of Alabama, as well as expand and create health policies and specific strategies to eliminate such disparities. Currently the data monitoring systems of Alabama provide insufficient data to tabulate health disparities of minority populations. A central data system needs to be established to assess the health-care-seeking behavior and health outcomes of the minority population groups. There is also a lack of awareness about cardiovascular disease (CVD), stroke, and the lack of access to health care among minority populations, as well as a plethora of mental health issues, resulting from natural or man-made disasters. To address these issues, the project proposes to establish multicultural partnerships to increase awareness around cardiovascular disease and stroke in minority, high-risk and underserved populations. The project will also develop a state health plan of action to increase and improve access to health care and address post traumatic mental health issues. The intended outcomes include increasing awareness and knowledge about cardiovascular disease, stroke and related risk factors, increasing access to health care, improving health status and increasing access to mental health services among minority groups. In order to determine if the outcomes are reached, progress on individual objectives will be evaluated and existing data sources will be used in establishing baseline measurements, where needed, and in monitoring progress throughout the grant period. Specifically, the project will collect data on a range of performance measures, such as the number of CVD-related outreach activities, the number of individuals participating at these CVD-related activities, and the number of partnerships established with community organizations. Reports from the evaluation findings will be used in a feedback loop to improve and strengthen the project.


  • Increased awareness, education, and outreach to address racial/ethnic minority health and health disparities problems
  • Improved access to, and appropriate utilization of, health and other community-based services and systems through user-centered design for racial/ethnic minorities (e.g., health IT, culturally/ linguistically appropriate services, service provider education/ training, workforce diversity)
  • Strengthened leadership and coordination to leverage resources and enhance effectiveness and efficiency of individual and collective efforts (including, but not limited to, research and data)
1/30/2020 12:50:24 PM