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Puerto Rico Department of Health

State (Location): Puerto Rico
Grant Program: State Partnership Grant Program to Improve Minority Health, FY 2005-2009
Organization Name: Puerto Rico Department of Health
Organization Address: P.O. BOX 70184, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00936-8184
Phone Number: (787) 274-7874 or (787) 274-7875
Fax Number: (787) 274-5739

Title of Project: Puerto Rico State Partnership Grant Program to Improve Minority Health
Project Director: NĂ©stor Maldonado

Description of organization:
Established in 1912 as a public health organization, the health department provides primary, secondary, tertiary and supratertiary health services to the population in Puerto Rico through a regionalized health system. In 1993, a Health Reform was undertaken in which services were privatized and a capitation system was established. The Puerto Rico Department of Health (PRDOH) assumed a normative and fiscal role throughout the health sector in Puerto Rico. Its mission focuses on health promotion, prevention and protection and supratertiary health services.

Description of project:
Promote health occupations and health professions among senior students of the public health system in Puerto Rico. This is a collaborative effort within the Puerto Rico Department of Education, public and private universities, health organizations, health professional organizations, among others. Different campaigns are being organized throughout the eight educational regions of the Department of Education, including a poster contest about health occupations and professions, college and university exhibitors, artistic activities, open house with a local educational institution.

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