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Evaluation Planning Guidelines and Protocol

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As part of the Office of Minority Health’s efforts to foster a systematic approach to planning, performance measurement, data collection and evaluation of OMH-funded programmatic efforts, we have issued our Evaluation Planning Guidelines for OMH Grant Applicants (Evaluation Guidelines) [PDF | 760KB]. These Evaluation Guidelines outline seven steps that provide guidance to grant applicants on the development of their evaluation plans and the key components for identifying how proposed projects and activities will be evaluated to determine if intended results have been achieved. The guidelines include grantee-specific performance measures and have accompanied all OMH grant program announcements since their development.

Evaluation Protocol for Systematically Evaluating Efforts to Improve Racial and Ethnic Minority Health, Reduce Health Disparities, and Effect Systems Approaches (Evaluation Protocol) [PDF | 1.6MB]

This Evaluation Protocol is intended to be used more broadly than the Evaluation Guidelines, e.g., by partners and other stakeholders in the evaluation of projects and activities targeting minority health/health disparities problems. The Evaluation Protocol contains nine steps recommended in evaluation planning and implementation, and provides more information on the first seven steps that comprise the Evaluation Guidelines.

The development of both the Evaluation Guidelines and the Evaluation Protocol was driven by the logic model approach presented in the Strategic Framework and is intended to promote more systematic and consistent processes for evaluations linked to OMH's overall approach to our mission.

10/2/2018 2:25:00 PM