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Advisory Committee on Minority Health - Committee Members

Linda Bane Frizzell, PhD

Associate Editor, MedCrave Online Journal of Public Health
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
School of Public Health and Consultant
Great Lakes Tribal EpiCenter
Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Frizzell has extensive experience and practice as a provider and administrator with Indian health systems. She holds a doctorate degree in physiology, education administration, and gerontology, and a post-doctorate in epidemiology. Her endeavors have included a broad range of professional preparations both in medicine and education, dedicated to improvement of quality of life across the life span. She has provided numerous testimonies in regard to health care policy, health issues, public health, cultural attunement, and tribal consultation. Her specialties include: Health Services Administration, Clinic Management, Rural and Indian Health Policy and Legislation, Public Health, Cultural Mindfulness, Health and Education Research, Behavioral Health, Community Assessment, Evaluation, Exercise Physiology, Health Education, Physical Rehabilitative Therapy, Service Learning Administration, and Senior Corps Administration.

She has been honored to be a tribal technical advisor for health care and services policy for over 25 years. She has extensive experience in working with countless tribes across the nation to enhance their infrastructures and assist in their quest for self-determination. She was chosen to be in the first class of Rural Health Fellows, a program initiated by the Office of Rural Health Policy and served as technical adviser and writer for the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (P.L. 94-437 as amended). She continues to serve on expert panels for numerous legislative proposals and policy administration. She is a member of the International Suicide Prevention work group for American Indians and Alaska Natives (Canada-USA); Member of the National Medicare and Medicaid Policy Committee, Chair of the Behavioral Health Sub-Committee; Government Affairs Committee, National Rural Health Association; and Chair of the State of Minnesota's Minority and Multicultural Health Advisory Council.

12/27/2016 2:38:00 PM