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Office of Minority Health

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Partnerships in Action

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Our partners at the national, state, local, tribal and territorial levels help the HHS Office of Minority Health meet its mission to reduce health disparities and advance health equity. We are pleased to highlight the work of just a few of our partners working toward this goal in communities across the country.

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Funded by The WITH Foundation, Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities at University of Rochester partnered with University of Rochester Medical Center Interpreter Services...

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Latino Cancer Institute - link to story

We call it the Angelina Jolie effect . Even in the Latina Spanish speaking community, they read or heard about the actress who was genetically tested for breast cancer and learned she was at...

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When it comes to healthcare, minority groups, including women and people of color, are often underserved. This is especially true of the global epidemic of heart failure (HF).

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10/15/2018 10:28:00 AM