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National Alliance for Hispanic Health

Washington, DC 20036

Project: Connecting You to Health Insurance/Hablemos de Su Seguro de Salud (CYHI)

Amount: $248,731

Project Abstract
The purpose of Connecting You to Health Insurance/Hablemos de Su Seguro de Salud (CYHI) is to eliminate health disparities in Hispanic communities across the country through the provision of: assistance to Hispanics on health insurance plan eligibility determinations, timely and accurate information on enrollment opportunities, and guidance on the application preparation and submission processes for Qualified Health Plans (QHPs), Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), or Medicaid programs. The target population is uninsured Hispanic individuals throughout the country, specifically non-English speaking populations. Hispanics are the largest racial/ethnic and fastest growing population in the United States. In the 2011 National Health Interview Survey, 29 percent of Hispanics lacked health insurance coverage, as compared with 11 percent of Caucasians and 17 percent of African Americans. While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) appears to be accomplishing its goal of increasing the percentage of Americans with health insurance coverage, Hispanics remain the subgroup most likely to lack health insurance. According to reports on the initial annual open enrollment period from the Department of Health and Human Services, while rates of uninsured individuals declined overall among all racial/ethnic groups, the decline among Hispanics, the group with the highest uninsured rates, was the lowest.

The Alliance utilizes its toll-free, bilingual, Su Familia: National Hispanic Family Health Helpline (1-866-783-2645) to effectively inform and assist consumers on enrollment in health insurance plans. The project leverages the latest communication technology, population social media platforms, established relationships with major Hispanic media outlets–including Univision, historical partnerships with Hispanic-serving CBOs, and other existing Alliance initiatives to reach over 15 million Hispanic families a year. The Helpline is staffed by bilingual (Spanish and English) Health Promotion Advisors (HPAs) and Certified Application Counselors (CACs), who provide free, personalized, reliable, and confidential information on all health topics, including the health insurance marketplace and health insurance plan options. Callers are provided with tailored information and referrals to local navigators in their respective federal or state-based Marketplace.

Expected outcomes for this project include:

  • Increasing calls by Hispanic consumers to the Su Familia Helpline;
  • Providing tailored QHP, Medicaid, and CHIP enrollment information and assistance and navigator referrals to Hispanic callers to the Su Familia Helpline;
  • Increasing the number of developed and implemented Univision multimedia campaigns (consisting of Univision TV PSAs, website, and social media messaging);
  • Increasing the number of bilingual, culturally proficient, and linguistically appropriate QHP, Medicaid, and CHIP enrollment messages developed for dissemination to Hispanic consumers through text messages, emails, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, post cards, and pamphlets; and
  • Reaching Hispanic communities with enrollment information and assistance through Spanish-language media, social media, and Alliance partnerships and programs, such as the Get Up and Get Moving! (GUGM) program.

Performance measures for this project include:

  • Total number of calls to the Su Familia Helpline each month;
  • Number of callers provided with application assistance;
  • Number of callers referred to local or national navigation services;
  • Number and type of media messages developed by the Alliance;
  • Type and audience reach of media activities;
  • Number of messages disseminated through social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook);
  • Number of calls generated by each message type; and
  • Number of referrals made from other Alliance programs and Alliance-affiliated CBOs.

National Alliance for Hispanic Health will partner with Dr. Jennifer Unger from the Department of Preventive Medicine at the University of Southern California School of Medicine to conduct the evaluation. Dr. Unger will track all of the performance measures through a FileMaker database software that supports the data collection and referral systems for the Helpline. Data is collected on the number of calls received; the number of callers provided with Qualified Health Plans, CHIP or Medicaid information; the number of callers assisted to determine eligibility; the number of callers provided with application assistance; the number of distributed resources; the number of callers referred to local or national navigation services; and, call origin among other indicators. Using this data source, the evaluator will conduct analyses to determine how particular media messages influence the number of calls to the Helpline. For example, multiple regression analyses will be conducted to determine which specific messages, which modalities (e.g., TV, radio, internet), and which combination of messages and modalities (i.e., specific content delivered through a specific medium) generated the largest number of Helpline calls. Social network analysis will be conducted to visualize and mathematically describe the growth of the Alliance’s social media networks over time. Finally, the evaluator will track trends over time in the number of referrals made from other Alliance programs and Alliance-affiliated CBOs, to ascertain rates of growth, identify programs that need more assistance with referrals, and determine whether the program is on track to meet its goals.

Awareness: Increase awareness of the significance of health disparities, their impact on the nation, and the actions necessary to improve health outcomes for racial, ethnic, and other disparities populations.
Health System and Life Experience: Improve health and healthcare outcomes for racial, ethnic, and underserved populations.


  • AHS-1: Increase the proportion of persons with health insurance.
11/12/2015 6:10:00 PM