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Preconception Peer Educators

Becoming a Preconception Peer Educator (PPE)

Becoming a PPE is a two-step process involving the completion of the basic training followed by a number of required activities.

Colleges and universities who chose to participate in the program receive curriculum and training materials along with materials for use in campus and community outreach efforts. Program sites require a faculty advisor to oversee the program activities.

The basic PPE training or Level 1 training focuses on the curriculum: preconception health and the reduction of infant mortality. Students who complete this training will receive a Level 1 certificate acknowledging this achievement.

Students who complete the Level 1 training and participate in the following activities will earn certification as a Preconception Peer Educator:  Attend a minimum of (6) six live or (8) eight archived webinar sessions; participate in one (1) Recruitment event; One (1) Training event; Two (2) Campus activities; One (1) Community activity. *Students who view the archived webinars must leave their name or initials and school name in the comments section.

If you are interested in creating a program on your campus, contact the Office of Minority Health Resource Center

Goals of the Preconception Peer Educators (PPE) Training

  1. Reach the college-age population with targeted health messages emphasizing preconception health and healthcare.
  2. Train minority college students as peer educators.
  3. Arm the peer educators with materials, activities and exercises to train their peers in college and in the community at large.

Key Concepts for the Training

  1. Health disparities and minority health
  2. Infant mortality
  3. African American health status and its impact on infant mortality
  4. Preconception health, infant mortality and prematurity - What research says
  5. Preconception care
  6. HIV, STDs and preconception health
  7. What a man would do
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