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About the Performance Data System (PDS)

The PDS Exit Disclaimer is a web-based management information system developed by the Office of Minority Health to enable collection of standardized performance data from OMH grant recipients. The system is purposefully designed to reflect the logical approach used in:
  • the Strategic Framework for Improving Racial/Ethnic Minority Health and Eliminating Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities (Strategic Framework),
  • OMH's Evaluation Planning Guidelines for Grant Applicants (Evaluation Planning Guidelines [PDF | 760KB]), and
  • the Evaluation Protocol for Systematically Evaluating Efforts to Improve Racial and Ethnic Minority Health, Reduce Health Disparities, and Effect Systems Approaches ( Evaluation Protocol [PDF | 1.6MB]).

As such, in addition to basic information about each OMH grant program, grantee organization, and grant project, standardized data elements focus on long-term problems and contributing factors that each grantee is aiming to address, the kinds of strategies and practices (or interventions) the grantee is employing to address the problems and factors identified, the grantee's expected outcomes and related performance measures, and the long-term (Healthy People 2020 and OMH's National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities) goals and objectives towards which each grantee's efforts contribute.

The PDS is intended to be a dynamic system which is continuously monitored and improved to ensure user-friendliness, data integrity, minimal response burden, and compliance with HHS access, plain language, and security requirements.

Access to the PDS is limited to OMH grantees and cooperative agreement partners, PDS and IT system administrators and support staff, and grant program managers and project officers. Such access requires OMH authorization with assigned user names and passwords. No personally identifiable information (PII) is collected via this system, and OMB clearance under the Paperwork Reduction Act was sought and granted.

Last Modified: 12/27/2016 12:48:47 PM