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Office of Minority Health

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Access to Health Care Coverage Grants

Partnerships to Increase Coverage in Communities Initiative (PICCI)

Grant Period: 2014-2016

The purpose of the Partnerships to Increase Coverage in Communities Initiative (PICCI) is to identify and assist minority populations, to educate them about the Health Insurance Marketplace and to assist them with enrollment, completion of the application to determine their eligibility and purchase of health insurance offered through the Marketplace.  Activities will include:

  • Utilizing coalitions and partnerships to maximize outreach and education of the underserved population(s);
  • Developing and providing comprehensive information and education sessions to consumers relative to the Marketplace;
  • Disseminating Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) or state-developed information that will increase awareness of the Marketplace and, where necessary, appropriately updating materials to more effectively provide culturally competent services specific to the underserved population, including translation services
  • Assisting individuals from underserved and/or hard to reach populations and helping them apply for health insurance coverage offered through the Marketplace;
  • Monitoring and adapting strategies to reach enrollment targets

This program ends August 31, 2016.

Non-Federal PICCI Grantees City State Funding Level
AltaMed Health Services Corporation Los Angeles CA $249,898
Benefits Data Trust Philadelphia PA $247,268
Bexar County Hospital District as University Health System San Antonio TX $236,394
Chicago Family Health Center, Inc. Chicago IL $250,000
The Dannon Project Birmingham AL $250,000
Gateway to Care Houston TX $250,000
Jessie Trice Community Health Center, Inc. Miami FL $250,000
My Brother's Keeper, Inc. Ridgeland MS $250,000
National Alliance for Hispanic Health Washington DC $248,731
National Association of Hispanic Nurses Little Rock AR $250,000
Neighborcare Health Seattle WA $242,640
New Hampshire Voices for Health Concord NH $241,166
University of Massachusetts Boston Boston MA $237,816
PICCI Total:  $3,203,913
Last Modified: 10/2/2018 1:16:00 PM