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Discussion Guide - Introduction

Discussion Guide - Introduction


Discussion Guide


Sufficient American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) health data and research is lacking. Improvements in AI/AN health research will contribute to improving research outcomes and consequently, overall health delivery and health status. Tribal communities have participated in numerous studies and have experiences with good and bad research. In order to protect and promote Tribal interests and produce good research, many Tribal communities have established mechanisms for conducting their own research. To ensure appropriate Tribal input into health research processes, the Department of Health and Human Services established HRAC to gather Tribal input on health research matters, provide advice to HHS on Tribal health research priorities and needs and recommend how best to carry out AI/AN health research.

The goal of this survey is to solicit feedback from you regarding:
  • What are the health research needs and priorities of Tribal communities?
  • How are Tribal communities conducting health research?
  • What should government agencies keep in mind when conducting and developing AI/AN health research?
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