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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Office of Minority Health

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Funding and Programs

The Office of Minority Health provides support to agencies and organizations in the public and private sectors to eliminate health disparities among racial and ethnic minority populations. These entities include state offices of minority health and health equity; community and faith-based organizations, institutions of higher education; tribes and tribal organizations; and other scientific and research organizations dedicated to improving the health of these targeted groups.

Through its grant programs, OMH is implementing its disparity impact strategy, which is a comprehensive data-driven approach for identifying and addressing health disparities to promote health equity for racial and ethnic minority populations. This approach includes working with OMH grant recipients to develop disparity impact statements and to enhance their capacity to use data and implement strategies to address the differential access to, use of, or outcomes from grant activities for racial and ethnic minority populations. A Disparity Impact Statement refers to the demographic, cultural, and linguistic data that identify the population(s) in which health disparities exist and the quality improvement plan designed to address the noted disparities.

Learn about Our Grants

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Division of Program Operations

The Division of Program Operations (DPO) is responsible for leading programmatic activity for the Office of Minority Health. DPO develops, implements and monitors health programs and activities that are designed to help eliminate health disparities. DPO administers federal grants and cooperative agreements on behalf of OMH that support public and private community-based practices and innovative program models that address health disparities through improvements in public awareness, education, prevention and service delivery to minority communities.
Examples of current and prior programs and initiatives that have been funded and facilitated through DPO include:

  • American Indian/ Alaska Native Health Disparities Program
  • Curbing HIV/AIDS Transmission among High-Risk Minority Youth and Adolescents (CHAT)
  • Eliminating Lupus Health Disparities Initiative (ELHDI)
  • HIV/AIDS Health Improvement for Re-Entering Ex-Offenders Initiative (HIRE)
  • Hispanic Physicians' Leadership Development Cooperative Agreement (HPLED)
  • Linkage to Life program: Rebuilding Broken Bridges for Minority Families Impacted by HIV/AIDS (L2L)
  • Minority Youth Tobacco Elimination Project (MYTEP)
  • National Umbrella Cooperative Agreements (NUCA)
  • National Umbrella Cooperative Agreements II (NUCA II)
  • State Partnership Program to Improve Minority Health
  • Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)

Resources for Information About Federal Grants

Evaluation Planning Guidelines for Grantees
NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts
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