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National Partnership for Action

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NPA Programs

The launch of the National Stakeholder Strategy on April 8, 2011 commenced the implementation phase of the NPA. Following this launch, health equity coalitions (the Federal Interagency Health Equity Team and the Regional Health Equity Councils) were created to support the implementation of the NPA. The NPA also established key partnerships to extend the reach of its activities. Five priority areas were also identified to focus the efforts of the NPA on enabling long-term sustainable action on health disparities and addressing the critical immediate needs of racial and ethnic minority and underserved populations. Accordingly, NPA activities in these priority areas have aimed to build the capacity across sectors for  action on health disparities at all levels of society, promote and support systems change, empower individuals to improve their health and create a network of leaders and practitioners working toward the common goal of a nation without disparities. 

A selection of activities are listed below, to be updated periodically:

Strengthening Access to Quality Health Care

The NPA has prioritized strengthening access to quality healthcare for uninsured and underinsured consumers. Since 2013, the Regional Health Equity Councils have worked with local community- and faith-based organizations to coordinate several community education events and health fairs across the country to educate the uninsured and underinsured about their health insurance options, and how to utilize services available through health insurance. They have also launched social media campaigns to reach certain demographic groups.  

Implementing the National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health and Healthcare (National CLAS Standards)

The NPA supports the implementation of the National CLAS Standards through activities that reflect and build on the premise that effective communication is key for successful interactions between health care providers and their patients. The NPA supports the implementation of the national CLAS standards through strategies on workforce diversity, cultural competency training, and development of the field of practice. [Read More…]

Educating Youth and Emerging Leaders about the Social Determinants of Health and Health Disparities

One of the NPA’s five priorities is strengthening and broadening leadership for addressing health disparities at all levels. The National Stakeholder Strategy (NSS) specifically identifies youth as a target audience for media messages and as a key demographic for leadership development. This priority area was developed to prepare young people to become future leaders and practitioners by educating them about health disparities and the social determinants of health (SDoH) and to engage them in health equity work.

The youth priority area was developed by RHEC VIII in order to engage young people in its commitment to health equity within the region. Started at the University of Colorado Boulder, this initiative allows for strategic engagement among youth leaders. The leaders initiated the Youth Health Equity Club (YHEC), which is focused on addressing health disparities regionally while supporting the work of the RHEC. YHEC's current focus is on expanding its outreach to additional universities within the region with the hope of building a stronger commitment to the work on the ground.
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Strengthening the Nation’s Network of Community Health Workers

Strengthening the nation’s network of Community Health Workers as a critical part of the disease prevention and health promotion workforce, to identify and meet the needs of underserved communities is a priority area within the NPA. This priority area seeks to leverage the power of community-centered prevention to improve the health and well-being of underserved and racial and ethnic minority communities across the nation.  [Read More…]

Promoting the Integration of Equity in All Policies & Programs

This NPA priority promotes the consideration of equity in the development and implementation of all policies and programs of public and private organizations, in recognition that all policies and programs have the potential to impact health and the social determinants of health. This priority area embraces an approach that seeks to engage both public and private organizations to leverage their policies and programs to assure the conditions for optimal health for all people.
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