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National Partnership for Action

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National Partners

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The NPA was established to mobilize a nationwide comprehensive, community-driven, partnership-based, and sustained approach to combating health disparities and to moving the nation toward achieving health equity. The activities of the NPA aim to build capacity across sectors for action on health disparities at all levels of society, promote and support systems change, empower individuals to improve their health, create a network of leaders and practitioners working toward the common goal of a nation without disparities, and promote a social determinants of health (SDoH) approach for understanding the issues and defining the solutions.

Crucial to the work of the NPA, our partners leverage federal resources and expand our reach and network.

Hover over each of the logos to learn how organizations are partnering with the NPA.

Robert C Johnson

Partnered to increase diversity in the nursing workforce in the Mid-Atlantic Region; featuring RWJF’s Culture of Health prize winners on NPA’s Equity in All Policies webinar series.
National Indian Health Board

Raise the capacity of tribes to utilize a health equity and social determinants of health framework in their strategic planning and public health accreditation.

Provided technical assistance to two states to finalize a statewide health equity strategic plan, developed documents to foster multi-sector collaboration to address health disparities, and provided examples to integrate health equity language in funding opportunity announcements.
National Conference of State Legislators

Developed legislative databases that track statewide legislation addressing health disparities and disparities in behavioral health. Database includes successful, pending, and failed legislation. Developed The Costs and Consequences of Disparities in Behavioral Health Care issue brief.
DentaQuest logo

Plan to establish an oral health equity fellowship and to provide support to RHECs to carry out oral health equity projects.

Collaborated to identify the extent to which addressing health equity is required of major chronic disease funding streams and to which chronic disease programs apply a health equity framework, and to identify barriers to the consistent use of health equity framework in these programs.
Morehouse Logo

Partnered to offer training in the Stanford Curriculum to undergraduate and master-level students.
Marshall Logo

Partnered to offer training in the Stanford Curriculum to 19 students in the institution's Upward Bound academic programs.

Examples of ways in which we have engaged with our partners include:

  • Webinars
  • Blog Posts
  • Infographics
  • Resource & Program Development
  • White Papers
  • RHEC Collaboration
  • Strategic Planning
  • Workforce Development
  • Student Training

Partner with us!

When you partner with the NPA, you are joining a movement to address health disparities and advance health equity in the United States and beyond. We cannot do it alone; please join us.

Benefits of Partnering with the NPA

  • Opportunities to collaborate with federal, state, territorial, and local stakeholders, agencies, and organizations to reduce health disparities
  • Increased awareness of the significance of health disparities and actions necessary to improve health outcomes for racial, ethnic, and underserved populations
  • Shared mission focused on SDoH

Interested in partnering with us? Reach out to our partnership team for more information by clicking here:

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