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Award: Health Information Campaign Award FY 2011

Awardee: Chuuk Women Council (CWC), Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)

What Is the Problem or Public Health Issue?

Chuuk State in the FSM is considered the most populated among the four states of the Federated State of Micronesia. The number of HIV/AIDS infections in Chuuk is more than 50% higher than the other three states have identified. For the past two years, Chuuk diagnosed more than ten new cases of Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB), and detected more newly diagnosed regular TB cases. There have been four confirmed cases of HIV/AIDS during the past two years. There are 22 total accumulative cases, and all but four have died. Due to stigma related to MDR-TB, people in Chuuk are afraid to be tested for TB. Stigma over HIV and STD testing also contributed to people not coming forward to do voluntary testing until they are sick. This leads to early death among Chuuk AIDS cases, between 3-5 years after they are exposed to HIV infection. The fear of being stigmatized and shaming their families prevents them from testing and treatment earlier.

What Is the Proposed Solution?

CWC will provide trainings to strengthen HIV/STD/TB and Diabetes Education Awareness Outreach Programs on Weno & the Lagoon Islands in Chuuk State. It will also implement an education and awareness campaign to targeted populations. CWC will convene a core working group from the HIV/STD/TB and Diabetes program to develop culturally and linguistically appropriate materials on HIV/STD/TB and Diabetes. The core working group will also develop a prevention education campaign to educate the community of HIV/AIDS, as well as sponsor a Women's Health Day celebration to further reduce stigma and open the discussion of HIV/AIDS in the community.

About the Awardee:

The Chuuk Women Council (CWC) Exit Disclaimer is an umbrella non-profit organization, comprised of over 64 individual women's organizations, spread out throughout Chuuk State and with a total membership of over 1,000 women. The CWC serves as an Advocacy Body for promoting gender awareness and equality as well as a resource group for all women in the Chuukese Community. Since it was organized in 1993, CWC has engaged its service for social as well as civic activities in the communities. Exit Disclaimer

Award Amount: $20,000
Award Term: March 2011 - December 2011
Award Location: Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia
Partners: Chuuk State Ministry of Health

Awardee: Guam Alternative Lifestyles Association

What Is the Problem or Public Health Issue?

Institutional anti-gay and anti-homosexuality sentiments perpetuate self-hate and hatred towards the gay community. This has resulted in teen bullying, suicide, increased risk for HIV/AIDS/STD and gaps in service delivery systems that too often are heterosexist. The role of stigma has been studied especially in the context of HIV/AIDS/STD and has challenged efforts in prevention, risk reduction, safer sex behaviors and HIV testing among the LGBT community, most notably among men who have sex with men (MSM). The 2010 Guam HIV Surveillance from the health department's Bureau of Communicable Disease Control reported that MSM constituted 63% of the current population living with HIV/AIDS. Approximately 69% of those living with HIV/AIDS were of Pacific Islander descent, predominately Chamorro and neighboring islanders. 76% of those living with HIV/AIDS were men.

What Is the Proposed Solution?

The goal of GALA's Live Proud/Na Presonidu I Lina'la'-mu Anti-Stigma Social Marketing Campaign project is to increase the number of LGBT affirming messages, increase opportunities to speak openly about HIV/AIDS and the LGBT community, reduce silence and shame associated with being gay and the impacts of HIV/AIDS on Guam. "LIVE PROUD" Anti Stigma social marketing campaign will include culturally sensitive and appropriate print media productions that include public service announcements, posters, brochures, and fliers. GALA will also produce a "LIVE PROUD" LGBT Resource Guide, featuring "Coming Out" stories documenting the Asian-Pacific Islander experience and personal stories of those impacted by and/or people living with HIV/AIDS. GALA will collaborate with community partners on the resource guide to include topics on teen bullying, suicide prevention, HIV/AIDS risk reduction and safer sex practices, listing of gay own establishments, strategies for Coming Out, LGBT affirming worship places and service times, Hepatitis A & B and HPV vaccination, resources for transgendered persons and other pertinent social services information

About the Awardee: Guam's Alternative Lifestyle Association is the only LGBT community based organization on Guam. We believe that our diversity makes our community whole. This is our guiding principle as we strive to enhance the quality of life of our lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) community by advancing the causes and issues impacting our LGBT community. Our work revolves around three core areas: Advocacy, Support & Education. For more info:

Award Amount: $20,000
Award Term: March 2011 - December 2011
Award Location: Guam
Partners: Guam Department of Health

Awardee: WestCare Pacific, Guam

What Is the Problem or Public Health Issue?

According to the Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS), there are 193 persons living with HIV (84% are males) and 97 living with AIDS (85% are males) as of December 2007. Transmission categories for AIDS cases are male-to-male sexual contact (52.9%), heterosexual contact (7.4%) injection drug use (5.9%), and 26% of cases did not report a transmission mode. New cases of STDs in the 2006 include 14 cases of syphilis, 98 cases of gonorrhea, and 859 cases of Chlamydia. In addition, there is growth in related risk categories of persons who engage in criminal behavior and other risk factors that relate to being placed at higher risk for HIV/AIDS/STD/TB.

What Is the Proposed Solution?

WestCare - Guam proposes to implement an HIV/AIDS/TB/STD Health Information Campaign that closely mirrors the Center for Disease Control's definition of "Health Marketing," and evidence based "Social Marketing" approaches. Our objective is to create visibility, improve community outreach, and facilitate a cost-effective process. The goal of our project is to leverage resources, including media coverage, capture the target population's attention, increase access to care, and provide educational information that inspires dialogue.

About the Awardee: WestCare Pacific Islands (WPI) was officially established as an affiliate of WestCare Foundation, a national behavioral health care and human services organization, in 2009. Five years earlier, the WestCare Chief Executive Officer, Richard Steinberg, was invited by the Executive Director of a local Guam non-profit agency to visit the Islands to view the extensive gap in and need for services to vulnerable populations and residents in the area. Throughout its 37 year history providing human services, WestCare has only entered states, offshore territories or communities and neighborhoods by invitation when there is an extreme need and great support for WestCare to assist local residents and agencies with evidence based practices and programs based on our expertise and experience. Today, WestCare provides services and operates programs in nine of the United States, and in the offshore territories of the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Pacific Islands. Exit Disclaimer

Award Amount: $20,000
Award Term: March 2011 - December 2011
Award Location: Guam
Partners: GUAHAN Project
Guam Department of Health

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