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The Affordable Care Act

Open Enrollment for 2017 is underway.

Visit to enroll, renew, find ansewrs and get help—by phone of in person.

If you are a consumer, please read more about The Health Care Law and You.

Affordable care act

Now, everybody in America can gain access to quality health care. That’s true no matter where you live, how much you earn or even if you have pre-existing medical conditions. The Affordable Care Act – also known as the “health care law”– offers comprehensive health insurance reforms that improve quality and lower costs, provide you greater access to health care providers and offer many new consumer protections.

The Office of Minority Health is supporting implementation of the Affordable Care Act by helping to connect minority consumers and communities of color with information about affordable health insurance options, and partnering with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and other federal agencies and private sector organizations to support to outreach efforts.

The Affordable Care Act is also helping make data collection and reporting standards consistent across states and sectors (Section 4302), so we can identify significant health differences that often exist between and within ethnic groups. This will to help improve health outcomes for minority groups and reduce health disparities that adversely impact communities of color.

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