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Dr. Mirtha Roses Welcomes Regional Health Equity Councils for Their Work

In a recorded video message, Dr. Mirta Roses, director of the Pan American Health Organization, the World Health Organization's regional office, welcomes members of the Regional Health Equity Councils and recognizes their efforts to help end health disparities as part of the National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities. While acknowledging the pervasive issue of health disparities throughout North, Central and South America, Roses hones in on the contributing factors of race and gender in the United States as strong indicators of health status, which impact who participates in health care system and at which stage of disease. She highlights lack of data, data quality and making health inequities a more visible issue as areas that need improvement, attention and action, but applauds the efforts of HHS and OMH as they spearhead work that aligns with the "Faces, Voices and Places" Exit Disclaimer initiative.

If you are having trouble with the Video, you can download and play the video in the following format:

Windows Media Player [WMV | 107MB]

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