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National Partnership for Action

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Elimination of health disparities affecting racial and ethnic minority populations cannot happen without the united efforts of our public and private sectors. Further, we believe that ideas should flow from the grassroots to our government and private policy-makers. Throughout the National Partnership for Action, we will strive to ensure that all voices are heard, and that community voices help shape national and local policy on health disparities.

The National Partnership for Action is looking for individuals and organizations from all sectors to join the partnership by taking the online partner pledge!


The online partner pledge is open to individuals, community and faith-based organizations, professional societies, government agencies, national non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, foundations, corporations, businesses of all sizes, industry groups, and colleges and universities.

As members of the NPA, partners agree to:

  • Support the goals of the NPA.
  • Raise awareness around heath disparities and promote health equity.
  • Commit to help develop, plan, and implement efforts to reduce or eliminate health disparities.

Joining the NPA is now simpler than ever. Click here to take the online partner pledge.


Individuals taking the online partner pledge will receive:
  • The opportunity to share via social media their commitment to NPA and ask their networks to do the same (via tweet this).
  • An NPA widget to display on the personalized page (blog, Facebook profile, webpage) - clicking on this widget will then lead others to the NPA online partner pledge page.
  • A subscription to our bi-weekly Towards Health Equity newsletter.
  • An electronic copy of our NPA Toolkit for Community Action.
Organizations taking the online partner pledge will also receive:
  • The opportunity to have their activities acknowledged by the NPA and added to the national NPA calendar of community events.

Take the Pledge

Click here to take the pledge and show your -- or your organization's -- commitment to a nation free of disparities in health and health care.

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