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American Indian/Alaska Native Health Disparities Selective Bibliography of Recent Articles by Topic




Quantification of Chronic Disease prevalence

(e.g., cancer, heart disease, diabetes) and associated risk factors (e.g., obesity, diet, physical activity) through sustned support of prospective studies among AI/AN populations (articles can both quantify and include reduction methods, and also could apply to category #2)


Cancer mortality among Native Americans.
Burhansstipanov L.
Cancer. 1998 Dec 1;83(11):2247-50.

Introduction to the supplement on cancer in the American Indian and Alaska Native populations in the United States.
Cobb N, Wingo PA, Edwards BK.
Cancer. 2008 Sep 1;113(5 Suppl):1113-6.

Cancer in American Indian and Alaska Native populations continues to threaten an aging population : the need for tribal, state, and federal action.
Kaur JS, Hampton JW.
Cancer. 2008 Sep 1;113(5 Suppl):1117-9.

Fifty years of cancer in an American Indian population.
Mahoney MC, Va P, Stevens A, Kahn AR, Michalek AM.
Cancer. 2009 Jan 15;115(2):419-27.

Cancer in American Indian and Alaska Native young adults (ages 20-44 years): US, 1999-2004.
Weir HK, Jim MA, Marrett LD, Fairley T.
Cancer. 2008 Sep 1;113(5 Suppl):1153-67.

Cancer among American Indians and Alaska Natives in the United States, 1999-2004.
Wiggins CL, Espey DK, Wingo PA, Kaur JS, Wilson RT, Swan J, Miller BA, Jim MA, Kelly JJ, Lanier AP.
Cancer. 2008 Sep 1;113(5 Suppl):1142-52.


Differences in food habits and cardiovascular disease risk factors among Native Americans with and without diabetes: the Inter-Tribal Heart Project.
Archer SL, Greenlund KJ, Valdez R, Casper ML, Rith-Najarian S, Croft JB.
Public Health Nutr. 2004 Dec;7(8):1025-32.

Asthma in American Indian adults: the Strong Heart Study.
Dixon AE, Yeh F, Welty TK, Rhoades ER, Lee ET, Howard BV, Enright PL.
Chest. 2007 May;131(5):1323-30. Epub 2007 Mar 30.

Cardiovascular disease research in Native Americans.
Eschiti VS.
J Cardiovasc Nurs. 2005 May-Jun;20(3):155-61.

Native American medicine and cardiovascular disease.
Nauman E.
Cardiol Rev. 2007 Jan-Feb;15(1):35-41.

Awareness of cardiovascular disease risk in American Indians.
Oser CS, Blades LL, Strasheim C, Helgerson SD, Gohdes D, Harwell TS.
Ethn Dis. 2006 Spring;16(2):345-50.

Relation of lower-extremity amputation to all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality in American Indians: the Strong Heart Study.
Resnick HE, Carter EA, Lindsay R, Henly SJ, Ness FK, Welty TK, Lee ET, Howard BV.
Diabetes Care. 2004 Jun;27(6):1286-93.

The metabolic syndrome in American Indians: the strong heart study.
Russell M, de Simone G, Resnick HE, Howard BV.
J Cardiometab Syndr. 2007 Fall;2(4):283-7.

Cardiovascular disease risk factor awareness in American Indian communities: the strong heart study.
Schweigman K, Eichner J, Welty TK, Zhang Y.
Ethn Dis. 2006 Summer;16(3):647-52.

Incidence and risk factors for stroke in American Indians: the Strong Heart Study.
Zhang Y, Galloway JM, Welty TK, Wiebers DO, Whisnant JP, Devereux RB, Kizer JR, Howard BV, Cowan LD, Yeh J, Howard WJ, Wang W, Best L, Lee ET.
Circulation. 2008 Oct 7;118(15):1577-84.


Dietary intakes of nutrients thought to modify cardiovascular risk from three groups of American Indians: The Strong Heart Dietary Study, Phase II.
Stang J, Zephier EM, Story M, Himes JH, Yeh JL, Welty T, Howard BV.
J Am Diet Assoc. 2005 Dec;105(12):1895-903.

The nutrition transition in American Indians.
Compher C.
J Transcult Nurs. 2006 Jul;17(3):217-23.

Dietary patterns of reservation and non-reservation Native American youths.
Di Noia J, Schinke SP, Contento IR.
Ethn Dis. 2005 Autumn;15(4):705-12.

What is the role of diet in the development of cancer in American Indian and Alaska native populations? (DIET & CANCER)
Slattery ML.
J Cancer Educ. 2005 Spring;20(1 Suppl):92-6.


A reconsideration of the origins of the type 2 diabetes epidemic among Native Americans and the implications for intervention policy.
Benyshek DC , Martin JF, Johnston CS.
Med Anthropol. 2001;20(1):25-64.

Investigation of factors contributing to diabetes risk in american indian/alaska native youth.
Islam-Zwart K, Cawston A.
Am Indian Alsk Native Ment Health Res. 2008;14(3):49-58.

Diabetes and chronic kidney disease: lessons from the Pima Indians.
Lemley KV.
Pediatr Nephrol. 2008 Nov;23(11):1933-40. Epub 2008 Mar 5.

The spectrum of kidney disease in American Indians.
Narva AS.
Kidney Int Suppl. 2003 Feb;(83):S3-7.


Body composition and overweight prevalence in 1704 schoolchildren from 7 American Indian communities.
Caballero B, Himes JH, Lohman T, Davis SM, Stevens J, Evans M, Going S, Pablo J; Pathways Study Research Group.
Am J Clin Nutr. 2003 Aug;78(2):308-12.

Physical activity and Native Americans: a review .
Coble JD, Rhodes RE.
Am J Prev Med. 2006 Jul;31(1):36-46. Epub 2006 May 24.

Factors associated with overweight among urban American Indian adolescents: findings from Project EAT. (INCLUDES DIET/PHYSICAL ACTIVITY/OBESITY)
DeLong AJ, Larson NI, Story M, Neumark-Sztainer D, Weber-Main AM, Ireland M.
Ethn Dis. 2008 Summer;18(3):317-23.

Disability among older American Indians and Alaska Natives: disparities in prevalence, health-risk behaviors, obesity, and chronic conditions.

Okoro CA , Denny CH, McGuire LC, Balluz LS, Goins RT, Mokdad AH.
Ethn Dis. 2007 Autumn;17(4):686-92.

Obesity in American-Indian children: prevalence, consequences, and prevention. (THIS ARTICLE ALSO COULD BE LISTED IN THE CATEGORY #2)
Story M, Stevens J, Himes J, Stone E, Rock BH, Ethelbah B, Davis S.
Prev Med. 2003 Dec;37(6 Pt 2):S3-12.

The epidemic of obesity in American Indian communities and the need for childhood obesity-prevention programs. (ALSO INCLUDES CATEGORY #2)
Story M, Evans M, Fabsitz RR, Clay TE, Holy Rock B, Broussard B.
Am J Clin Nutr. 1999 Apr;69(4 Suppl):747S-754S.

The epidemic of extreme obesity among American Indian and Alaska Native adults with diabetes. (ALSO INCLUDES DIABETES)
Wilson C, Gilliland S, Moore K, Acton K.
Prev Chronic Dis. 2007 Jan;4(1):A06. Epub 2006 Dec 15.

Increasing prevalences of overweight and obesity in Northern Plains American Indian children.
Zephier E, Himes JH, Story M, Zhou X.
Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2006 Jan;160(1):34-9.

Chronic disease risk factor reduction


A review of effective strategies for native women's breast health outreach and education.
Burhansstipanov L, Krebs LU, Grass R, Wanliss EJ, Saslow D.
J Cancer Educ. 2005 Spring;20(1 Suppl):71-9.

Barriers to cancer clinical trial participation among Native elders.
LaVallie DL, Wolf FM, Jacobsen C, Buchwald D.
Ethn Dis. 2008 Spring;18(2):210-7.


Awareness of cardiovascular disease risk in American Indians.
Oser CS, Blades LL, Strasheim C, Helgerson SD, Gohdes D, Harwell TS.
Ethn Dis. 2006 Spring;16(2):345-50.


Cherokee Choices: a diabetes prevention program for American Indians.
Bachar JJ, Lefler LJ, Reed L, McCoy T, Bailey R, Bell R.
Prev Chronic Dis. 2006 Jul;3(3):A103.

Cultural perceptions of health and diabetes among Native American men.
Cavanaugh CL, Taylor CA, Keim KS , Clutter JE, Geraghty ME.
J Health Care Poor Underserved. 2008 Nov;19(4):1029-43.

Diabetes prevention in Indian country: developing nutrition models to tell the story of food-system change.
Conti KM.
J Transcult Nurs. 2006 Jul;17(3):234-45.

Diabetes on the Navajo nation: what role can gardening and agriculture extension play to reduce it?
Lombard KA, Forster-Cox S, Smeal D, O'Neill MK.
Rural Remote Health. 2006 Oct-Dec;6(4):640. Epub 2006 Oct 16.

Effect of special diabetes program for Indians funding on system changes in diabetes care and outcomes among American Indian/Alaska Native people 1994-2004.
Ramesh M, Schraer C, Mayer AM, Asay E, Koller K.
Int J Circumpolar Health. 2008 Jun;67(2-3):203-12.

Reducing diabetes risk in American Indian women.
Thompson JL, Allen P, Helitzer DL, Qualls C, Whyte AN, Wolfe VK, Herman CJ.
Am J Prev Med. 2008 Mar;34(3):192-201.


Constructs of health and environment inform child obesity prevention in American Indian communities.
Adams AK , Harvey H, Brown D.
Obesity ( Silver Spring ). 2008 Feb;16(2):311-7.

Promising strategies for obesity prevention and treatment within American Indian communities.
Teufel-Shone NI.
J Transcult Nurs. 2006 Jul;17(3):224-9.

Intentional and unintentional injuries (also see Suicide, for combined research)

Promoting the occupational health of indigenous farmworkers.
Farquhar S, Samples J, Ventura S, Davis S, Abernathy M, McCauley L, Cuilwik N, Shadbeh N.
J Immigr Minor Health. 2008 Jun;10(3):269-80.

Seat belt use among American Indians/Alaska Natives and non-Hispanic whites.
Garcia AN, Patel KV, Guralnik JM.
Am J Prev Med. 2007 Sep;33(3):200-6.

Predictors of seatbelt use in American Indian motor vehicle crash trauma victims on and off the reservation.
Gross EA, Axberg A, Mathieson K.
Accid Anal Prev. 2007 Sep;39(5):1001-5. Epub 2007 Mar 28.

Injury mortality rates in Native and non-Native children: a population-based study.
Harrop AR, Brant RF, Ghali WA, Macarthur C.
Public Health Rep. 2007 May-Jun;122(3):339-46.

Restraint use among northwest American Indian children traveling in motor vehicles.
Lapidus JA, Smith NH , Ebel BE, Romero FC.
Am J Public Health. 2005 Nov;95(11):1982-8. Epub 2005 Sep 29.

Socioeconomic disparities in intimate partner violence against Native American women: a cross-sectional study.
Malcoe LH, Duran BM, Montgomery JM.
BMC Med. 2004 May 24;2:20.

Social epidemiology of trauma among 2 American Indian reservation populations.
Manson SM, Beals J, Klein SA, Croy CD; AI-SUPERPFP Team.
Am J Public Health. 2005 May;95(5):851-9.

The prevention of unintentional injury among American Indian and Alaska Native children: a subject review. Committee on Native American Child Health and Committee on Injury and Poison Prevention. American Academy of Pediatrics.
[No authors listed]
Pediatrics. 1999 Dec;104(6):1397-9.

Hypertension – evaluating methods to improve awareness and treatment of Hypertension

See - Chronic disease risk factor reduction - CVD

Stroke Prevalence/Prevention

See - Chronic disease risk factor reduction - CVD

Methamphetamine Prevalence/Prevention

The changing patterns of drug use among American Indian students over the past 30 years.
Beauvais F, Jumper-Thurman P, Burnside M.
Am Indian Alsk Native Ment Health Res. 2008;15(2):15-24.

Taking Control of Methamphetamine in Our Communities: An Opportunity of Necessity
Clark, W.
IHS Primary Care Provider. 2007; 32(1):1-6.

American Indian and Alaska Native substance abuse: co-morbidity and cultural issues.
Gray N, Nye PS.
Am Indian Alsk Native Ment Health Res. 2001;10(2):67-84.

Methamphetamine abuse.
Winslow BT, Voorhees KI, Pehl KA.
Am Fam Physician. 2007 Oct 15;76(8):1169-74.

OTHER SUBSTANCE ABUSE ISSUES (there are very few research articles specifically written on methamphetamine use and AI/AN)

Trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder symptomatology: patterns among American Indian adolescents in substance abuse treatment.
Deters PB, Novins DK, Fickenscher A, Beals J.
Am J Orthopsychiatry. 2006 Jul;76(3):335-45.

Preventing substance abuse in American Indian and Alaska native youth: promising strategies for healthier communities.
Hawkins EH, Cummins LH, Marlatt GA.
Psychol Bull. 2004 Mar;130(2):304-23.

Healthy nations: reducing substance abuse in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.
Noe T, Fleming C, Manson S.
J Psychoactive Drugs. 2003 Jan-Mar;35(1):15-25.

The relationship between patterns of alcohol use and mental and physical health disorders in two American Indian populations.
O'Connell J, Novins DK, Beals J, Croy C, Barón AE, Spicer P, Buchwald D; American Indian Service Utilization, Psychiatric Epidemiology, Risk and Protective Factors Project Team.
Addiction. 2006 Jan;101(1):69-83.

Comorbidity of alcohol abuse and dependence with medical conditions in 2 American Indian reservation communities.
Shore JH, Beals J, Orton H, Buchwald D; AI-SUPERPFP Team.
Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2006 Apr;30(4):649-55.

Evaluation of the use of emerging technology (such as telemedicine, electronic health records, health information exchange, etc.) for the provision of care

Information technology as a tool to improve the quality of American Indian health care.
Sequist TD, Cullen T, Ayanian JZ.
Am J Public Health. 2005 Dec;95(12):2173-9. Epub 2005 Oct 27.

Health Services Research (such as utilization of prenatal care; preventable hospitalizations, emergency room utilization, etc).

Mapping pathways to services: description of local service systems for American Indian and Alaska Native children by Circles of Care.
Allen J, LeMaster PL , Deters PB.
Am Indian Alsk Native Ment Health Res. 2004 Aug 12;11(2):65-87.

Perceived discrimination in health care among American Indians/Alaska natives.
Johansson P, Jacobsen C, Buchwald D.
Ethn Dis. 2006 Autumn;16(4):766-71.

Disparities in hospitalizations of rural American Indians.
Korenbrot CC, Ehlers S, Crouch JA.
Med Care. 2003 May;41(5):626-36.

Autoimmune Disorders (very few research articles specifically on AI/AN populations)

Rheumatoid arthritis in American Indians and Alaska Natives: a review of the literature.
Ferucci ED, Templin DW, Lanier AP.
Semin Arthritis Rheum. 2005 Feb;34(4):662-7.

Chronic arthritis in children and adolescents in two Indian health service user populations.
Mauldin J, Cameron HD, Jeanotte D, Solomon G, Jarvis JN.
BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2004 Aug 27;5:30.

Quality of life in American Indian and White women with and without rheumatoid arthritis.
Poole JL, Chiappisi H, Cordova JS, Sibbitt W Jr.
Am J Occup Ther. 2007 May-Jun;61(3):280-9.

Changes in the incidence of endstage renal disease due to lupus nephritis in the United States, 1996-2004.
Ward MM.
J Rheumatol. 2009 Jan;36(1):63-7.

Suicide Prevention (also see Injuries, since statistics and topics can be combined in research articles)

Injury mortality among American Indian and Alaska Native children and youth--United States, 1989-1998. [includes suicide and intentional and unintentional injury]
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2003 Aug 1;52(30):697-701.

Identifying effective mental health interventions for American Indians and Alaska Natives: a review of the literature.
Gone JP, Alcántara C.
Cultur Divers Ethnic Minor Psychol. 2007 Oct;13(4):356-63.

Stigma of mental illness among American Indian and Alaska Native nations: historical and contemporary perspectives.
Grandbois D.
Issues Ment Health Nurs. 2005 Dec;26(10):1001-24.

Outcome evaluation of a public health approach to suicide prevention in an american Indian tribal nation.
May PA, Serna P, Hurt L, Debruyn LM.
Am J Public Health. 2005 Jul;95(7):1238-44. Epub 2005 Jun 2.

Attempted suicide and associated health risk behaviors among Native American high school students.
Shaughnessy L, Doshi SR, Jones SE.
J Sch Health. 2004 May;74(5):177-82.

Conceptualizing and measuring historical trauma among American Indian people.
Whitbeck LB, Adams GW, Hoyt DR , Chen X.
Am J Community Psychol. 2004 Jun;33(3-4):119-30.

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