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National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities

FCHDR supports NPA Objective for improved coordination and use of research and evaluation outcomes.

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Posted: 2/10/2010

About the FCHDR


FCHDR was established to engage a wide range of federal agencies in cross-agency research partnerships to promote more coordinated efforts that target health improvement in populations disproportionately affected by disease, injury and/or disability. Research developed through the FCHDR will lead to new or better programs, policies and practices to reduce or eliminate health disparities.

Research Topics

FCHDR research topics are selected based on needs and opportunities for pooling scientific expertise and resources to conduct, translate, and disseminate research to accelerate the elimination of health disparities. In addition to engaging in research collaboration, FCHDR also promotes the development of products such as research reports, white papers, and journal articles.

FCHDR Co-Leads

FCHDR Executive Committee

FCHDR Goals and Strategies

  1. Identify health disparities challenges including the scientific and practical evidence most relevant to underpinning future policy and action
  2. Increase and maintain awareness about federal government efforts and opportunities to address health disparities
  3. Determine how evidence can be translated into practice to address health disparities and promote innovation
  4. Advise on possible objectives and measures for future research, building on the successes and experiences of health disparities experts
  5. Publish reports that will contribute to the development of the FCHDR strategic vision and plan

FCHDR Purpose

To explore the complex nature of health disparities, and promote and disseminate interagency health disparities research, information exchange, and scientific coordination and collaboration. These efforts can lead to new, improved research that can impact health practice, programs, and policy.

Co-Leads & Executive Committee

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